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On Fri, May 3, 2019, at 12:50, ellie timoney wrote:
> This ("ImapTest") looks like the thing that we can run from Cassandane as Cassandane::Cyrus::ImapTest, I haven't had it set up for a while (haven't gotten around to it on new laptop yet...) but I think last time I looked we passed a lot of the tests on 3.0, and some of the ones we failed looked like bad tests

We fail two tests in vanilla upstream ImapTest last I checked, and there are pull requests that I made for them years ago, but maybe they fell through the cracks. They were cases where Cyrus is technically correct in rejecting something that you could also argue is OK to accept.

> Bron, are you still running this test suite regularly? How are we looking on master? I think I remember you were planning to get in touch with Timo to get some of the bogus tests fixed, but I don't remember if this ever happened

Yeah, I still run it regularly. It has run clean since 2.4.something.

> It would be good to get this page updated, even if we're still a "non-compliant server", at least to have something more recent than 2.3 on there....(!)

There are some things that ImapTest can test which we don't implement, but we're fully compliant on all the things we do implement. (at least, if you don't turn on deliberately standards-breaking stuff like autoexpuge or search_fuzzy_always).

> It's a wiki so I'll try and create an account and see if I can just update it myself, but I'd like to refresh my understanding of where we're at before I embarrass myself!

Excellent. I don't remember having difficulty creating an account when I last did anything on that wiki.


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