Notes 29 July

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Hi All,

Ken, what's the /Delayed Send/ feature you mentioned? Is it something 
like Send Later extension in TB but on the server? How would the clients 
use it?

Bron, do you still pursue the goal to close most of the GitHub issues? 
Do you have any roadmap for which issues to be closed in the near 
future? There are a lot of issues with both 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 tags (some 
even have 2.5 tag), it's not clear which are scheduled to be closed for 
which release.


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Present: ellie, Ken, Bron

* 3.0.11 release - hopefully tomorrow
* 3.1 checkpoint release?
   - Let’s do one now-ish!
   - Then we can do another one after the delayed send changes land.

* Mailbox by UUID status
   - Needs to be rebased.
   - Then - need to do some testing!  Stand up a new one, replicate over.
* Going to keep working on Delayed Send, including GUID from mailbox record.

* Cyruslibs-v26+:
   - Need to fix tzdata issue and fixed libicu.
* Calendar Sharing:
   - “Shared via JMAP" is clearly bad UI
   - Neil and Ken have discussed notifications Inbox and how to deal 
with these.
   - Have created a task to work on design for the various workflows.
* Handling Calendar scheduling and X-Schedule-User-Address on updates
   - A user had issues with a complex mailflow causing participantId to 
be null because the schedule address didn't match.
   - For now we’ll fix this in the Fastmail middleware for our weird 
   - Need to build a more general way to determine "IsYou" inside Cyrus.

   Bron Gondwana, CEO, Fastmail Pty Ltd
   brong at

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