Notes 29 July

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jul 29 07:36:15 EDT 2019

Present: ellie, Ken, Bron

* 3.0.11 release - hopefully tomorrow
* 3.1 checkpoint release?
 - Let’s do one now-ish!
 - Then we can do another one after the delayed send changes land.

* Mailbox by UUID status
 - Needs to be rebased.
 - Then - need to do some testing! Stand up a new one, replicate over.
* Going to keep working on Delayed Send, including GUID from mailbox record.

* Cyruslibs-v26+:
 - Need to fix tzdata issue and fixed libicu.
* Calendar Sharing:
 - “Shared via JMAP" is clearly bad UI
 - Neil and Ken have discussed notifications Inbox and how to deal with these.
 - Have created a task to work on design for the various workflows.
* Handling Calendar scheduling and X-Schedule-User-Address on updates
 - A user had issues with a complex mailflow causing participantId to be null because the schedule address didn't match.
 - For now we’ll fix this in the Fastmail middleware for our weird usecase.
 - Need to build a more general way to determine "IsYou" inside Cyrus. 

 Bron Gondwana, CEO, Fastmail Pty Ltd
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