Xapian searches of the body of an email

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Hi mate! 

This seems to take ages... I'm trying to figure the best way of
implementing this and of clarifying concepts.... I'm running Squatter in
rolling replication mode and exist the concept of conversations then.
What is the exact role of each of them?. Squatter seems to index the
mailbox but when something is not properly indexed instead of running
Squatter you use ctl_conversations for reindexing some part again or... 

Thanks a lot!!


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El 07-01-2019 10:19, Sebastian Hagedorn escribió:

> That sounds like the conversationsdb issue I was talking about. Have you tried these steps?
> ctl_conversationsdb -z USER
> ctl_conversationsdb -b USER
>> I have been testing Xapian searches. Have seen, it's not able to find
>> strings inside the body of the email. If I set in imap.conf
>> "search_fuzzy_always: 1" no content is displayed in the searches of a
>> Roundcube stock webmail. If I remove that config value from imap.conf
>> and restart services, then search results appear. Does Xapian not index
>> the body of emails?. Does Xapian, just index the headers?. But this
>> affirmation does not seem to be possible in my case too... as I have in
>> the config "search_index_headers: no".
>> I'm using the following config :
>> conversations: 1
>> search_engine: xapian
>> search_index_headers: no
>> search_batchsize: 8192
>> defaultsearchtier: t1
>> t1searchpartition-default: /expert/search
>> t1searchpartition-expert2: /expert2/search
>> t1searchpartition-expert3: /expert3/search
>> Could anyone help me mates?.
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