Xapian searches of the body of an email

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Mon Jan 7 04:19:08 EST 2019

That sounds like the conversationsdb issue I was talking about. Have you 
tried these steps?

ctl_conversationsdb -z USER
ctl_conversationsdb -b USER

> I have been testing Xapian searches. Have seen, it's not able to find
> strings inside the body of the email. If I set in imap.conf
> "search_fuzzy_always: 1" no content is displayed in the searches of a
> Roundcube stock webmail. If I remove that config value from imap.conf
> and restart services, then search results appear. Does Xapian not index
> the body of emails?. Does Xapian, just index the headers?. But this
> affirmation does not seem to be possible in my case too... as I have in
> the config "search_index_headers: no".
> I'm using the following config :
> conversations: 1
> search_engine: xapian
> search_index_headers: no
> search_batchsize: 8192
> defaultsearchtier: t1
> t1searchpartition-default: /expert/search
> t1searchpartition-expert2: /expert2/search
> t1searchpartition-expert3: /expert3/search
> Could anyone help me mates?.

Sebastian Hagedorn - Weyertal 121, Zimmer 2.02
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