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Mon Apr 29 07:44:05 EDT 2019

JMAP slow query performance:
 * lots of discussion of why NOT in:Mailbox is really slow
 * Bron will build out a test user using the enron dataset to see if we can easily debug in dev
 * will also get a callgrind dump from a production user who has issues with both AJAX and JMAP
 * might try to build an array of folder numbers in conversations.db to "yes, include", "no, exclude" or "not mentioned" at each tree level in the search expression for quick filtering

 * have migration tool almost done
 * need to add support for tiered Xapian indexes
 * added namelocks to ensure nobody reads a middle state
 * can give a mailbox or an entire user
 * start work on the Vacation JMAP support. We need to figure out what to do with custom scripts!
 - probably add an "include" to the end of the current active script
 - create an empty active script if there isn't one
 * for testing the by-UUID code, we'll try replicating to a new machine with the new code and see if that works.

 * closed out Cyrus 3.2 issues from github last week
 * default values - being returned on get
 * should we return empty string for properties of type string that don't have defaults?
 * refactored JMAP language indexing, would like to get it on the branch with attachment indexing.
 * with CalConnect coming close, running out of time. Need to work on JSCalendar first.
 * for JSContact, there's somebody interested in implementing it already! They'll have to expect lots of rewrites before it's standard.

 * Been working on index upgrade/downgrade for 3.2
 * readonly conversations support to mailbox_open_iwl inversion - changed to abort immediately rather than later when conversations DB write failed - needed to fix a bunch of places which were doing that.

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