Meeting Notes 8 Apr 2019

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Apr 8 07:19:36 EDT 2019

Present: Bron, Ken, Robert

* Wrote tool to do mailbox upgrades
* Today working on tool to migrate people from old structure to new structure using a reconstruct
* Will add back in all the code to read/write the old structure until they get migrated
* Took a lot of time working on the annotations.db work. Moved work into annotations.c
* CalConnect - going to wait to see if prices drop before committing
* libical pull request for millisecond support for recurrences! Some discussion about finding out the use cases it's for.

* Fixed some JMAP stuff last week - hasAttachment flag is now preserved on copy.
* Copy code in append.c doesn't trigger the annotator - wonder if it should trigger the annotator regardless of JMAP. No, because the annotator should have always run.
* Issue from Neil: made Cyrus more lenient about message-ids being invalid in emails.
* Going to integrate attachment searching code tomorrow and work with Rob N on making it work for FM.
* TC-API work. Got feedback for JSContact and
* For JSCalendar: properties conversion.
 - split out all the ICALENDAR conversion work into a separate doc, and put it there.
* Separated out the qsort_r code
* implemented jmap sortAsTree and filterAsTree code for Mailbox/query.

* Made it so the annotation layer doesn't throw an error if you try to write back the existing value - helps with annotator
 - do need to check that if you can't READ, then you don't get different errors when you try to write

Bron and Ken meeting up in Philly in a few weeks - will prepare a planning doc for the visit:
* caching contact/calendarEvent renderings in DAV DB.
* lots of calendar stuff
* finishing mailbox-by-id?

* read through issues for anything that should be a 3.2 release blocker and we'll discuss the tasks at the next meeting.


 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
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