Bring back ANNOTATEMORE support

Samir Aguiar samir.aguiar at
Tue Sep 11 17:40:48 EDT 2018

Hi Dilyan,

On 09/11/2018 06:17 PM, Dilyan Palauzov wrote:
> it does not make sense to keep  the ANNOTATEMORE code just for your specific case.
> You are entitled to issue an updated client software dealing with METADATA and ask users to update, or for your server to revert the respective change.

Yes, absolutely. We will need to revert that change and restore
ANNOTATEMORE support anyway since it's not possible at the moment for
all of our clients to upgrade.

But I believe my question was ill-phrased. I actually meant to ask if
such revert, after done by us, would be accepted upstream as an opt-in
feature, or if the team has already decided to drop that implementation
for good.

Kind regards,
Samir Aguiar

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