db5 / PANIC errors under 2.5.12?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 05:15:28 EST 2018

This just happened again, on a different server...

Having spent more time looking at this - the error:

  Nov 21 07:45:30 imaps[72501]: DBERROR db5: BDB1581 File handles still 
open at environment close

I'm guessing "db5" is indeed Berkeley DB5 - so even though in our 
imapd.conf we don't specify 'berkeley' anywhere (and 'files' on all the .db 
files confirms - they're all twoskip) - the database being created in 
'/vol/host/imap/db/' is likely still berkeley.

How can I change this? - In imapd.conf I can see a myriad of 
'seenstate_db', 'mboxlist_db' - but I can't see anything that relates to 
the files in that DB directory.

To be honest - I can't see anywhere what that database is actually called 
(which might help me track down how to change it's format - if you can?)

Does anyone know what the database that lives off of 'db/' is actually 
called / used for? - And how I can change it's format, that is presuming 
the issues I'm seeing are caused by it still being berkeley?


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