Meeting notes from Feb 27th, 2018 (oops)

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Mon May 28 19:27:36 EDT 2018

(look what I found in my drafts folder!  I checked the list, and it was
never posted)
- last week away first half
- second half - updating calendar drafts for IETF drafts.  (Bron will be
  in the session)- recurrence bugs in libical - thought close to having it fixed, but
  regression tests hanging.- SASL - still not released, now on hold because person reporting
  kerberos bug is getting a kerberos expert to look at it.  If not
  sorted by IETF, get Alexey to meet people in London for it.- libical - support for jumping into the middle of an rrule.
  * issues with rule starting on a leap day
- calconnect started TC-CALSPAM.

- unsure what to do with jscalendar - not much discussion on calext
  mailing list, because already discussed in calconnect.  Ken will ping
  calconnect people to make comments on list.- 99% of people involved in calendaring have already given feedback!
- tasks: there's a separate draft on that, and race / ordering issue
  between jscalendar and icalendar tasks.- backported xapian fix from master to 3.0 for tibbs' request from IRC.  * related to cyruslibs issues we see with different compilers too.
- we will have to run two different instances to test both
  the older compiler version and the newer compiler versions.
- last week: working on Xapian fork.
  * Finally successfully building in Travis system at Xapian again.
  * Making progress at glacier speed at getting upstreamed - depending
    on Olly's time.  * Hope snippet generator will land very soon.
  * in process of fixing bugs, restarted work on rewriting JMAP core.
  * initially started on separate branch, but now writing inside out.
  * more iterative style.
  * might introduce more bugs, but catch quicker.
- expect JMAP work to fill up the next 2 weeks.
- JMAP - object create, spec says you should return any server-set
  properties and any properties that the client didn't explicitly set.  * Bron: should be possible to request what you actually want via
    backrefs - don't tell the client stuff it doesn't care about!
- spent last week on build issues and FastMail customer issues.
- updated to more recent version of Debian and more recent
  version of compiler.- easier to work on zeroskip with Bron around
- will make send us warnings
- tried having stretch and jessie builds on, but it can't
  work in parallel, so might have to do sequentially or something.  * Bron: is really complex to be safe from FastMail
    infrastructure, but maybe we're better off just paying some money
    and spinning it up somewhere else!
- been helping tibbs with Fedora builds and the odd issue and
  mailing list- cassandane now spits out rlimits in verbose mode
  * will be useful later.

- should get discussion on 2265 - documentation of tombstone records.
- working on dilyanpalauzov's reports

- email about sync_client changes
  * response showed "it looks scary" is a bit bad even on dev list!
    Bron to reply.- should get a strategy which can be backported all the way to 2.5.
- how's core rewrite going?  Ken: distracted by other things, but back
  to it very soon.- Robert: good time to implement same thing in search layers.
- JMAP-proxy work

New internals:
- Lots of API changes for all sorts of things - Conversations DB
  doesn't have uniqueid right now, so can't change xapian.  So do core
  changes first.
Matt (via Rik):
- been working on Cyrus test suite against Cyrus and reporting bugs.
- patch against Cassandane to run JMAP test suite.
- mostly passing!

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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