Meeting notes May 28

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon May 28 07:26:53 EDT 2018

Present: Bron, Robert, ellie

Ken is away for Memorial day, and Partha busy studying.  Nicola is
busy with other tasks at the moment, so not involved with Cyrus as
much as before.
* last week - fixed JMAP mail issues
* added non-standard CalendarEvents property (parsed JSCalendar version
  of attached calendar events)* updated Xapian pushed to cyruslibs
* updated JSCalendar draft sent to the list (will discuss in Tokyo)
  - last week's discussion showed there is more to discuss.
  - got positive feedback on the list too!
* short week - flying to Japan on Friday and Thursday is a holiday.
* currently working on JMAP issues
* next - look at search result caching and xapian audit mode (check that
  every document that should be in the database is present)* off for 2 weeks after CalConnect.

* been working on a mechanism for cassandane tests to identify
  themselves as depending on particular cyrus features based on
  cyr_buildinfo report* will merge it once i get some confirmation from tibbs that it doesn't
  break on fedora for some silly reason* been annoying for ages!
* rsto: want to run a set of tests that match a regex
  - ellie: can list as many as you like, but no wildcard or regex.
  - bron: seems like something we could add pretty easily.
  - ellie: will open an issue for it

* have rolled out new cyruslibs at FastMail
* have requested various things in tickets (like xapian audit)
* off to M3AAWG next week, and speaking with Linagora about JMAP.
* spoke to CERN email team about their plan to replace their existing
  system with an open source solution.  - explained how Cyrus is used at FastMail and some of the pros and
    cons.* lots of GDPR work in the last week!

Next week Bron and Robert will be traveling, so may not be able to make
the meeting.  It clashes with a reception dinner in Tokyo and the
facilitation training in Munich.

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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