[JMAP] Mailbox/queryChanges not yet implemented ?

Zhivko Vasilev zhivko_vasilev at mailtemi.com
Tue Jul 31 03:40:18 EDT 2018

Hello Robert,

Thank for the insides.  Not blocked at all, I'll focus on
Email/methods for now.
Most JMAP calls work quite well, so I thought that probably call the
method with the wrong json.
Zhivko Vasilev

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, at 9:27 AM, Robert Stepanek wrote:
> Hi Zhivko,
> On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, at 17:08, Zhivko Vasilev wrote:
>> When I try to use Mailbox/queryChanges call  the server always return
>> me an error "cannotCalculateChanges.">> 
>> After a quick look in the code, it turns out this error is hard-
>> coded.>> /* Refuse all attempts to calculcate list updates */
>>     jmap_error(req, json_pack("{s:s}", "type",
>>     "cannotCalculateChanges"));>> 
>> So my guess is not yet implemented functionality and will be
>> added later?> 
> Yes. We concentrated on getting Email/queryChanges off the ground,
> since that function was more important for us. But now with the JMAP
> stack in Cyrus IMAPd getting stable, there isn't a good reason why we
> should refuse all Mailbox/queryChanges requests.> 
> I have created a Github issue to track this effort:
> https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/2465> 
> I can't give you a hard deadline when to expect an implementation, but
> I expect to work on it the next few weeks. If your use case depends on
> this method, please let me know details (e.g. what are the typical
> filters you are using in your requests, etc.).> 
> Cheers,
> Robert

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