[JMAP] Mailbox/queryChanges not yet implemented ?

Robert Stepanek rsto at fastmailteam.com
Mon Jul 30 12:27:40 EDT 2018

Hi Zhivko,

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, at 17:08, Zhivko Vasilev wrote:
> When I try to use Mailbox/queryChanges call  the server always return
> me an error "cannotCalculateChanges."> 
> After a quick look in the code, it turns out this error is hard-coded.> /* Refuse all attempts to calculcate list updates */
>     jmap_error(req, json_pack("{s:s}", "type",
>     "cannotCalculateChanges"));> 
> So my guess is not yet implemented functionality and will be
> added later?
Yes. We concentrated on getting Email/queryChanges off the ground, since
that function was more important for us. But now with the JMAP stack in
Cyrus IMAPd getting stable, there isn't a good reason why we should
refuse all Mailbox/queryChanges requests.
I have created a Github issue to track this effort:
I can't give you a hard deadline when to expect an implementation, but I
expect to work on it the next few weeks. If your use case depends on
this method, please let me know details (e.g. what are the typical
filters you are using in your requests, etc.).
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