Meeting notes 30 Jul

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jul 30 07:20:42 EDT 2018

Present: Bron, Robert, Ken, Partha

* Last week - finished Avatar work, no bug reports yet (but maybe not
  tested much!)* Converted contacts/calendars to use new-style JMAP code
* Query is more difficult because of multiple callbacks
  - Robert, could also simplify the API
* Will look at caching code today
* Off for two days this week.
* Also need to update drafts after Montreal
* Need an app with VJOURNAL to log work!

* Worked on caching queries - now in second iteration on master
* Might have issues with big mailboxes and cache space - might need to
  come up with strategies.* Went over JMAP backlog on github issues, trying to close as many quick
  wins as possible.* Right now: Email/copy and Calendar code (close remaining gaps with
  latest draft - localizations and invitedBy)* after that, stuff from a long time ago in the backlog.
* maybe by then end of this week, space for the next thing!

* planning to spend 2 days this week on Zeroskip integration!

* will talk to Rik, but hoping to get Robert and Ken to work with Matt
  on how to build tests for JMAP::Tester and then convert existing
  Cassandane tests into standard JMAP tests and build out the tester.* mostly fixing bugs discovered FastMail on JMAP
* Robert -> changing xapian.indexed.db to use uniqueid?  No hurry while
  other things aren't indexed.
Collecting usage statistics, e.g. for email query caching?  possibly
send via notifyd/pusher.
Or: change jmap_http handler to log additional payload to syslog.

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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