Meeting notes Jul 16

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jul 16 07:33:42 EDT 2018

Present: Ken, Bron, ellie, Partha, Robert

* finished Intermediate Mailboxes last week
* played around with JMAP - consolidation of JSON output last week.
* yesterday - attempted to fix a github issue, but broke other stuff
  (returning IDs when not asked for / Email/parse)
* two weak points with spec compliance
  - currently hard-coded what we return on object creation
  - by spec, we should error on any unknown properties, but currently
    don't abort on unknown (breaks JMAP Tester)     ~ probably need a registry of JMAP property per capability
  - JMAP Mail code is the most up-to-date code, will generalise to other
    modules, so best to improve JMAP mail* reworking JMAP code for intermediate mailboxes (may have broken
  things)* code is trying to be a bit clever by assuming most things are valid,
  only doing expensive parts if it runs into an issue* looking at the JMAP backlog - quite a backlog!  Labeled on
  github as JMAP.  - multiple calendar events issues, there have been some spec changes
  - #2437 - do we want a more generic approach to extension properties,
    or hard code them in Cyrus?  - SMTP client protocol error - can make it smarter and return
    SMTP error.  Couple of other requests around making
    EmailSubmission smarter.  - Ken will take the performance stats task (#2400)

* have been busy studying during meeting time for the last while
* mostly working on FastMail operations
* zeroskip: cunit tests all passing - haven't run Cassandane with it
  yet, but will get it onto next sprint.* won't have much time for big issues, but could take on some
  smaller issues
* haven't been feeling well for the last week and didn't work much
* mostly keeping on top of mailing list stuff

* released 3.1.5 so others at Hackathon had a snapshot to work from
* been working on JMAP Proxy this weekend at IETF102 Hackathon
* Changed FM Cyrus operations to always build new code to new binary
  locations, such that we never have old and new binaries running at the
  same time! (is a problem when file formats are upgraded and long-
  running procs load files created by new binaries)
Meeting same time next week

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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