Meeting notes: February 5, 2018

Ken Murchison murch at
Mon Feb 5 18:52:57 EST 2018

Attendees: Ellie, Bron, Robert, Ken, Partha, Nicola, Ricardo, Nic B

Next meeting: Feb 12, 21:00 UTC

Monday 9pm UTC
Monday 1pm PST
Monday 4pm EST
Monday 10pm Vienna
Tuesday 8am Melbourne 

Ken (just home from CalConnect):
- VPOLL (consensus scheduling) demo very well received.  Mike Douglass 
and Ken to polish off draft and queue it up for IETF CALEXT WG
- Big discussion on sharing: support in the room for an option for 
sharees to inherit alarms from event creator/owner
- TC CALENDAR to work on a mechanism for a user to subscribe to an ics 
feed via their home CalDAV server
- Presentation on streaming for calendar updates well received. Probably 
going to be based on Websockets.  Ken pushing to use JMAP payloads
- Enthusiam from vendors wanting to see TZ dist server deployment.  Ken 
and Mike to work on this seeding this effort
- Announce SASL 2.1.27 RC7 and hopefully finalize in next week or 2
- TZDIST WG may be re-instantiated to work on a couple of Ken's drafts 
(geolocation and tzfile binary format) and to work on a spec for 
handling versioned time zone data (multiple versions of IANA tzdata)
- Skipping Tokyo CalConnect but will attend Montreal IETF and hopefully 
Karlsruhe CalConnect
- Next up - back to mailboxes.db/spool dir reorg

- JMAP rewrite continues.  GET is done.  Not liking how SET worked out - 
will take another crack at it.  Moving on to query handlers
- Will be attending CalConnect in Tokyo and most likely IETF in London

- Just back from vacation
- Continuing work on zero-skip

- Focusing on GitHub issues
- Looking into recent Cassandane failures w.r.t. /tmp

Nic B:
- Looking at docs re: SNMP and Prometheus

- V14 Cyrus index header (seen count) has gone into production along 
with the Sieve Editheader fix (don't mangle case of headers)

- Working on FastMail-on-JMAP plan
- Will help Ellie with recent Cassandane issue (perhaps a Perl problem)

Kenneth Murchison
Cyrus Development Team
FastMail US LLC

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