Notes 27/11

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Nov 27 06:26:09 EST 2017

Present: Bron, Ken, Nicola, ellie

* Lots of Xapian issues last week
* including seqset bug
* incorrect UID issue for per-user-data only updates with
  calendar events.* index_snippets is keeping the mailbox locked while reading from disk
  and generating snippets, which can be slow and block out other
  actions.  We should find a solution to this.
* working on docs for internals changes - sync, rename safety etc
* SASL - looks like Alexey is correct, and people were relying on
  buggy behaviour* found a logic error with Bearer Token authentication.
* short week this week

* went to write-the-docs on Friday, single day conference
* didn't fix any doc bugs
* had people with mail server knowledge
  - used them as guinea-pigs to look at our existing docs
  - have notes which will write up and send to list
  - if you don't already know what Cyrus is and how it works, it's a
    wall of acronyms  - FastMail webpage was the kind of thing he was expecting - but at
    least Cyrus docs look better than Dovecot!* FastMail caldav sync doesn't handle alarms particularly nicely.
* Also, FastMail caldav sync should be copy through calendar-user-
  address from the source and passing that through for clients to use
  for scheduling.
* just been looking into the jmap getmessagelist stuff -- that email
  thread today is v useful
sasl is just a point release, so should be safe to upgrade independently
Partha is back working on zeroskip after being involved in the xapian
fixes most of last week.
  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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