Notes Nov 20

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Nov 20 06:25:08 EST 2017

Present: ellie, Bron, Partha, Ken, Nicola

Robert is away for a few weeks.

* standards work
* xapian locking fiasco
* cyrus.index v14 soon (SAVEDATE, ANNOTUSED)
* multiple failed renames in the past week - plan to remove asserts from
  conversations db* there's a bunch of JMAP changes on master that are an intermediate
  state, no point moving Topicbox to that when a whole lot more changes
  are landing soon.* spoke to Alexey about Cyrus SASL changes - he will have a call with
* spent most of last week on drafts
  - documenting binary timezone format
* fixed bugs found by BusyCal
* been writing up thoughts on user change
* crash during Calendar auto-creation on new user, looks like a race
  when two sessions both create the calendar at the same time.  - could be a lock inversion between create code and use code.

* merged some patches from the list/github, and working on some
  additional prometheus metrics* planning to keep working on metrics

* not sure if done any cyrus work in the past week!
* this Friday - write the docs conference.
  - will do a doc sprint
  - doc areas good for first timers?

* last week mostly calendaring - customer tickets
* almost done with coding - translating mailing list post to C!

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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