Cyrus meeting minutes: 13 Nov 2017

Nicola Nye nicola at
Mon Nov 13 07:12:49 EST 2017

Who came:
    Bron, Ken, Partha, RobertS, ellie, Nicola (the continuous integration environment) is now passing with
all tests!Thanks to Robert S with his work debugging timezone library madness.

   Jmap discussions later this week at IETF
   Ken working on RFC drafts he owes updates to.

   possible license issues with baking it into distribution.
   some concerns over breakage and clashes with system timezone
   libraries.   So we are going to pull it out of core Cyrus...
   RobertS: Set up a cyrus-timezones package: a thin wrapper containing
   latest olsen db, builds vzic, compiles vtimezones into installation
   prefix for Cyrus.
   Ellie: New metrics going in for reporting.

SASL release still on hold
    Kerberos issues still under review with Alexey.
    Bron to talk to Alexey at IETF this week.

SMTP client
   Robert S working on improved client library. 
   Three backends: dummy (file), tcp, sendmail

Calendar sync issues "in the wild"
   Partha been investigating a multitude of issues, most recently
   duplicate events showing up in FastMail calendars.   Calendar clients are many and varied some of them are not as nice as
   they could be.   Discussions of how we can provide better logging in the event of
   CalDAV/CardDAV syncing errors.
Adding annotations to mailbox
   Ken: not as easy as first thought, still chipping away

Release plans:
   2.5 has some patches to go in, no ETA on next release
   3.0 has some patches to go in, no ETA on next release
   3.2 not until next year, with full JMAP and other juicy stuff

(All: where I haven't accurately captured the discussion, please reply
with updates!)

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