[PATCH v4] imapd.c: imapoptions: implement idle timeout

ellie timoney ellie at fastmail.com
Mon May 8 21:15:07 EDT 2017

Hi Thomas, Philipp,

On Tue, Oct 4, 2016, at 05:19 PM, Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> we also have a version of this patch for cyrus 2.4 in production now.
> If you're interested, we can upstream it, too.

Sorry for the late reply, but this would be great!

I'm looking at doing a new release of 2.4 soon -- there's been a number
of issues coming up lately which are already fixed in git, but aren't in
a released version.  It might save some support effort if these fixes
were released -- though it is a somewhat substantial change, what with
the refactored idled.

Are you still running 2.4 there?  Do you have any other local
patches/backports that have been necessary to get the refactored idled
stable? Would appreciate those too, if so :)



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