How to prime user calendars in Cyrus 3?

Nic Bernstein nic at
Thu May 4 12:00:58 EDT 2017

I'm back to the project of trying to migrate my own Cal/CardDav users 
from DaviCal to Cyrus 3.  Problem I'm faced with is that other than 
myself, my users do not have #calendars or #addressbooks in the Cyrus 
mail store.  Thus my migration script fails, as destination collections 
do not exist.

I do have "|caldav_create_default:| 1" set, but when pointing a browser 
to "http://newjiji:8008/dav/calendars/user/<userid>" for users who don't 
already have the collections created, I get a 404 error "Mailbox does 
not exist."

So my question is, how does one get these users primed?  My migration 
scripts use the administrative user to connect and perform the work, so 
such connection is not happening as the user themselves.  If my only 
recourse is to make each user connect a calendar client, then I'll do 
that, but I don't think that scales well.

My concern here is dealing with sites which, like our own, have already 
deployed a CalDav solution and are looking to migrate to the inbuilt 
solution on Cyrus.

Any thoughts?


Nic Bernstein                             nic at
Onlight, Inc.                   
6525 W Bluemound Road, Suite 24           v. 414.272.4477
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53213-4073

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