Quota namespace questions

Nic Bernstein nic at onlight.com
Wed Jan 18 18:06:33 EST 2017

I'm working on documentation for various things Quota related, and find 
that I'm a little confused about the "quota namespace."  It appears 
that, due to the second argument in 
"mboxname_init_namespace(&quota_namespace, 1)" (quota.c:176) that quota 
operations don't use 'altnamespace':

         namespace->isadmin = isadmin;

         namespace->hier_sep =
             config_getswitch(IMAPOPT_UNIXHIERARCHYSEP) ? '/' : '.';
         namespace->isalt = !isadmin && config_getswitch(IMAPOPT_ALTNAMESPACE);

         namespace->accessible[NAMESPACE_INBOX] = 1;
         namespace->accessible[NAMESPACE_USER] = !config_getswitch(IMAPOPT_DISABLE_USER_NAMESPACE);
         namespace->accessible[NAMESPACE_SHARED] = !config_getswitch(IMAPOPT_DISABLE_SHARED_NAMESPACE);

         if (namespace->isalt) {

         else {
             /* standard namespace */
             sprintf(namespace->prefix[NAMESPACE_INBOX], "%s%c",
                     "INBOX", namespace->hier_sep);
             sprintf(namespace->prefix[NAMESPACE_USER], "%s%c",
                     "user", namespace->hier_sep);
             strcpy(namespace->prefix[NAMESPACE_SHARED], "");

         return 0;

Am I reading that right (hint: not a C programmer)?  But it also looks 
to me like it should still use '/' as the hierarchy separator, right?

That's not what I'm seeing in my quota_db.  I started with a system with 
no quotas.  The old configuration used quotalegacy, so when I added some 
quotas, they ended up in /var/lib/imap/quota...:

    # cyradm -U cyrus localhost
    localhost> sq user/nic STORAGE 20000000
    localhost> sq user/tim STORAGE 20000000
    localhost> sq user/crystal STORAGE 20000000
    localhost> sq user/nic X-NUM-FOLDERS 1000
    localhost> quit

    # head /var/lib/imap/quota/*/*
    ==> /var/lib/imap/quota/H/user.crystal <==
    %(S (1190064060 20000000) M (13742) AS (3) NF (15))

    ==> /var/lib/imap/quota/K/user.tim <==
    %(S (401903846 20000000) M (7308) AS (2) NF (8))

    ==> /var/lib/imap/quota/N/user.nic <==
    %(S (1484883490) M (36930) AS (18) NF (42 1000))

I then used cvt_cyrusdb to convert from quotalegacy to twoskip, and I 
still am seeing the netnews separator, rather than unix, both in the 
quota_db and in the output from "quota -f":

    # strings /tmp/quota.db
    twoskip file
    user.crystal%(S (1190064060 20000000) M (13742) AS (3) NF (15))
    user.nic%(S (1484883490 20000000) M (36930) AS (18) NF (42))
    user.tim%(S (401903846 20000000) M (7308) AS (2) NF (8))$

    # su cyrus -c "cyrus quota -f"
        Quota   % Used     Used             Resource Root
      20000000        5  1162171              STORAGE user.crystal
                          13742              MESSAGE user.crystal
                              0 X-ANNOTATION-STORAGE user.crystal
                             15        X-NUM-FOLDERS user.crystal
                        1450081              STORAGE user.nic
                          36930              MESSAGE user.nic
                              0 X-ANNOTATION-STORAGE user.nic
         1000        4       42        X-NUM-FOLDERS user.nic
      20000000        1   392484              STORAGE user.tim
                           7308              MESSAGE user.tim
                              0 X-ANNOTATION-STORAGE user.tim
                              8        X-NUM-FOLDERS user.tim

Now to be clear, I have no problem with this if it works, but I'm 
concerned about confusing administrators.

We already have the task of teaching existing Cyrus admins about all of 
the ramifications of converting to 'altnamespace: on' and 
'unixhierarchysep: on' as the new defaults.  This brings a new "but not 
here" context on top of it.

Similarly, for new folks, who don't know or care about historical 
legacies, we need to explain that while they're used to using slash "/" 
they won't see that from "quota" runs, or when they go poking around to 
repair quota problems.

I think I just need a good dose of cluefullness to proceed. :-)


PS - perl/imap/IMAP/Shell.pm POD info still says "The only I<resource> 
understood by B<Cyrus> is C<STORAGE>."  This needs updating (I'm happy 
to do this.)

Nic Bernstein                             nic at onlight.com
Onlight, Inc.                             www.onlight.com
6525 W Bluemound Road, Suite 24           v. 414.272.4477
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53213-4073

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