Update to cyr_info(8) to reflect "reid" command

Nic Bernstein nic at onlight.com
Tue Jan 17 13:42:07 EST 2017

On Friday Jan 13, at 09:12AM CST, Onlight wrote:
> brong: or whomever, cyr_info appears to have a command "reid" which is 
> not explained
> in either the usage or man page.  The purpose seems to be to create a 
> new UID for a given
> mailbox.  Is that correct?  Shall I add that to the usage and man page?

On Sunday Jan 15, at 10:52PM CST, Bron wrote:
> onlight: yeah, it creates a new uniqueid for the mailbox.  It's 
> slightly buggy
> it should be documented though.  It does indeed just give the mailbox 
> a new uniqueid.  It doesn't fix up seen state for other people or 
> anything like that

This is fixed in the following pull request #1798 
     Add "reid" command information to cyr_info #1798


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