State of Perl scripts in tools, esp. in re: hash

Nic Bernstein nic at
Thu Jan 12 14:08:59 EST 2017

I've been working on an upgrade from 2.4.18 to 3.0.0rc1, and 
simultaneously adding to Nicola's fine Upgrading document.  Along the 
way, however, I've encountered several anomalies with the wide 
assortment of Perl scripts accumulated in cyrus-imapd/tools. There's a 
lot of them, they often overlap and sometimes don't inter-operate.

For example, 'rehash' understands the 'fulldirhash' setting, but 
'dohash' does not.  Furthermore, that setting, when processed by 
'rehash', results in directories named "A" - "Z", but most of the other 
tools, such as 'translatesieve' or 'upgradesieve' (why so many?) 
explicitly expect these to be lower cased, "a" - "z":

    foreach $i ("a".."z") {

and so ignore the fulldirhash-ed directories.

Also, most of the Perl scripts still have this sort of baggage:

    exec perl -x -S $0 ${1+"$@"} # -*-perl-*-
    if ($] !~ /^5\..*/) {
       # uh-oh. this isn't perl 5.
       foreach (split(/:/, $ENV{PATH})) { # try to find "perl5".
         exec("$_/perl5", "-x", "-S", $0, @ARGV) if (-x "$_/perl5");
       # we failed. bail.
       die "Your perl is too old; I need perl 5.\n";

    # load the real script. this is isolated in an 'eval' so perl4 won't
    # choke on the perl5-isms.
    eval join("\n", <DATA>);
    if ($@) { die "$@"; }

    require 5;

Given that Perl5 was released over twenty years ago, do we really need 
this, as opposed to say, "#!/usr/bin/perl -w"?  Hell, we could even 
parameterize that and substitute with @PERL@?

Just asking, because one needs a tool such as translatesieve to handle 
the transition to ``unixhierarchysep: yes'', and as it sits, that tool 
won't work.  I'm happy to fix it, but would like guidance on how far to go.


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