Missing Upgrade docs [was Re: Release plan blog post]

Nicola Nye nicolan at fastmail.com
Mon Jan 2 18:09:54 EST 2017

Hi Nic,

> Hey, on a related note, I've just noticed that "cyrus-imapd/doc/legacy/install-
> upgrade.html" is not up on cyrusimap.org and there doesn't appear to
> be any equivalent.  Is there a plan for this?

I'm still bringing it all over into Sphinx. When the legacy docs are
imported into Sphinx, the plan is to remove them from the legacy tree.
So if it's still present in the legacy directory (and the doc/internal
too eventually), then they're not in the Sphinx setup yet.

This is also a great task for anyone who wants to get a feel for the doc
system and restructured text. If anyone on the list is interested in
taking a crack at a file or two, I'm very happy to provide assistance.


>> I'll confess that I'm a little perplexed by how the stuff at
>> cyrusimap.org is updated or maintained.  The document tree doesn't
>> seem to match what I see in git.

>>  I'm not trying to be whiny here; Hell, I'll even help with it.  I
>>  just don't know what the general plan is, or where things are
>>  supposed to go.
> Seeing as I'm in the midst of a 2.3.16 => 2.5.10 upgrade, I can
> probably help, but I also need to find the proper information.

(I'm not sure who Nic was responding to originally, sorry)

I can definitely help! 

If they're small changes, you can use the 'edit on github' link that's
at the topright of each page which will do the github fork magic for
you and you can edit the file(s) in place in your browser, then issue a
pull request.

For larger changes that you want to test and run in your own
environment, there's some info here:

At the moment cyrusimap.org/dev is built from cyrus-imapd/docsrc using
the master branch from git (the 3.0 codebase) and cyrusimap.org/ (or
cyrusimap.org/stable) is using the 2.5 branch. This will change soon
when 3.0 is formally released and declared stable.

I'll set aside some time this week to pour some doc TODOs into github
tasks to track things like the conversion of doc/legacy files.




  1. http://cyrusimap.org/dev/imap/developer/documentation.html#contribute-docs
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