Cyrus Sieve futures

ellie timoney ellie at
Mon Feb 6 17:40:49 EST 2017

Is that going to conflict with this?

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017, at 09:34 AM, Ken Murchison via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> All,
> I'm in the process of rewriting the Sieve parser and adding new 
> extensions for what will become part of Cyrus v3.1.  We currently 
> support deprecated and non-standardized extensions "imapflags" 
> (standardized as "imap4flags) and "notify" (standardized as "enotify").  
> I'd like to rip out the parser and bytecode generator for these 
> extensions, and leave just the bytecode executing code for the 
> deprecated actions "mark", "unmark", and "denotify".
> Any existing scripts using these actions (or the older "notify" syntax) 
> would continue to run.  New/updated scripts would have to switch to 
> using the updated "notify" syntax and replace "mark" and "unmark" with 
> "setflag"/"addflag" and "removeflag".  Does anyone have an issue with 
> these changes?
> Does anyone have any requests for standard extensions that we don't 
> currently support?  Note that "variables", "mailbox" and "*metadata" 
> will be in Cyrus 3.0 and "ereject", "editheader", and "extlists" are 
> already in what will be the 3.1 branch.
> Extensions that I'm looking at implementing (pretty much because they 
> are low-hanging fruit) are "duplicate", "environment", and "ihave".  I 
> may also look at "replace" and "extracttext" which would be useful if we 
> add handling of calendar events to Sieve.
> -- 
> Kenneth Murchison
> Principal Systems Software Engineer
> Carnegie Mellon University

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