Cyrus meeting minutes December 11th. (2017-12-11)

Nicola Nye nicola at
Mon Dec 11 06:38:47 EST 2017

Present: Ken, Partha, Robert, Ellie, Nicola

Next meeting Monday Dec 18th will be the last one for 2017.
First meeting in 2018 will be January 8th.

Zeroskip: Partha
 * Setting up timing comparison to twoskip
 * working on compaction: aiming to be complete this week
 * next: merging of databases
 * Then integrate into Cyrus codebase to make use of Cyrus db unit tests
 * Currently turning pages of notes from Bron into an actual spec for
   wider circulation
JMAP: Robert
 * Welcome back from  vacation!
 * Replacing internal sendmail api
 * Talking with IETF about adopting the JS-calendar draft, call for
   adoption due soon
 * Bringing up JMAP support up to date with latest spec changes
JMAP: Ellie
 * Looking at optimising some sections of code known to be slow under
   certain conditions (getMessages)
JMAP: Robert and Ken
 * Refactoring some of the code base to remove duplication
 * Can be done now that the spec is starting to stabilise.
 * Good target: validation code
Misc: Ken
 * http/2 code fixes
 * SASL next release candidate going up soon
 * Websockets implementation for streaming so that clients don't have to
   poll for a sync collection on calendars. CalDAV/CardDAV push channel.
   Something discussed at CalConnect which is starting to come together.
 * Sieve-shell and authentication. Looking at tightening up around proxy
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