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Mon Aug 21 08:32:51 EDT 2017

Ken (ksmurchison)
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/950
       Unified murder - if one node is down during mailbox deletion,
       deleted remote mailboxes end up local mailboxes of that node with
       an invalid partition upon startup= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1156
       SRS implementation upon sieve script redirect action
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1650
       Support the i;ip-mask comparator for sieve
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1848
       cyrus-2.5.10: segmentation faults caused by sieve/sievec on
       Gentoo+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1728
       EXAMINE reset \recent flag in statuscache

Partha (ajaysusarla)
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1467
       ptloader - ptclient ldap failure
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1618
       interruption in communication between master and frontend
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1710
       SSL private key cannot be read if chmod is 640 and path
       contains a symlink+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/pull/71
       Preserve the existing unique ID of a mailbox renamed /
       transferred+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/352
       remove need for imapd_userisproxyadmin

Robert (rsto)
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/457
       managesieve should handle AUTHENTICATE referrals
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1134
       cyr_expire silently quits if it hits a non-existant account
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1152
       Recursive reconstruct and @ in mailbox name
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1692
       SELECT writes .lock file for unknown/inexistent mailboxes
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1981
       lmtpd aborts when compiled with optimisation and
       FORTIFY_SOURCE flags
ellie (elliefm)
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1053
       SETANNOTATION fails when using front-end in unified murder
= https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1765
       Move SNMP out from master into a separate daemon
+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/730
       Patch to add -a (preauth) switch to lmtpproxyd
+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/1096
       faster tonum in sieve/sieve-lex.l
+ https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/2104
       master process miscounts/conflates "ready workers" and "active"

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at fastmailteam.com

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