Cyrus meeting notes, August 7 2017

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Aug 7 08:47:13 EDT 2017

Present: Nicola, Ken, Ellie, Bron, Partha, Robert

* worked mainly on calendar sharing, figuring out now how to handle
split between owner and sharee for PUTs
* shared plans for ETag and sync token, hopefully done by end of the
* calendar sharing needs testing, but not sure how to do that (e.g.
share with nicolan?). brong will bring up at FastMail feature planning
if/how to set testing up
* open discussion: how to handle x-properties for shared calendars?
consensus is to generally not allow user-only updates, except for
whitelist of well-known x-properties

* split-brain replication needs more work, e.g. sync protocol needs to
be extended to fix tombstone replication.
* FM development team scheduled to pair-program each week

* busy with non-Cyrus work last week, but plans to work on Cyrus/SASL
this week
* wants to get Cassandane setup working locally this week

* checked with RobN on prometheus implementation
* worked on closing off a bunch of old issues

* spent lots of time with brong getting to understand FM infrastructure
in terms of Cyrus, will continue this week
* works on Cassandane Github integration
* fixed 7 dicerolls \0/

* worked on Xapian crasher, now observing
* JMAP ACL is pushed to master
* sent TC-API RFC draft to Alexey from IETF, waiting for feedback, then
get going with calext group
* started to work on JMAP spec updates for Cyrus codebase


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