Had problems upgrading to 3.0?

Anatoli me at anatoli.ws
Fri Aug 4 09:06:03 EDT 2017

Hi Stephan,

If you're compiling PCRE from sources, the segfaults are a known issue. 
You would need the debian patch: apt-get source libpcre3-dev && cat 


*From:* Stephan Lauffer
*Sent:* Friday, August 04, 2017 04:27
*To:* Cyrus Devel
*Subject:* Re: imapd(?) of 3.0.2 not working here [was: Re: Had problems 
upgrading to 3.0?]

> Hello Elli,
> Zitat von ellie timoney <ellie at fastmail.com>:
>> Hi Stephan,
>> Is this fixed by Ken's patch for the libpcre dependency?
> Yes, perfect, looks good, imapd lists the mailboxes. :-)
> Now I just need to check another issue with pcre here. If I enable it 
> I get segfaults with sievec for example. There are some issues like  
> #1848 and  #1731. I just need to read on and see...

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