imapd(?) of 3.0.2 not working here [was: Re: Had problems upgrading to 3.0?]

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Fri Aug 4 03:27:36 EDT 2017

Hello Elli,

Zitat von ellie timoney <ellie at>:

> Hi Stephan,
> Is this fixed by Ken's patch for the libpcre dependency?

Yes, perfect, looks good, imapd lists the mailboxes. :-)

Now I just need to check another issue with pcre here. If I enable it  
I get segfaults with sievec for example. There are some issues like   
#1848 and  #1731. I just need to read on and see...

Liebe Gruesse, with best regards
Stephan Lauffer

Pedagogical University Freiburg - Germany
Fon/ Fax: +49 761 682 -559/ -486
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