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Nicola Nye nicolan at fastmail.com
Thu Apr 20 06:42:35 EDT 2017

Anyone know what might be going on here causing these errors on 3.0
under red hat?

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From: momoren <962747695 at qq.com>
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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:47:31 +0800

Hi Dilian & Nicolan,
   Follow your instruction, we built cyrus3.0 in our redhat7
   enironment. So far we didn't get memory leak report from Valgrind.
   But we're still working on this in case we use it in a wrong way.
   But we ran into another problem. We got a lot of below error info
   from imap 3.0 (our build). Could you help to tell if we configured
   something wrongly?Apr 20 04:38:21 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15564]: mailbox: longlock
user^6581^130041194 for 5.2 secondsApr 20 04:38:21 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15676]: mailbox: longlock
user^9961^130089235 for 16.6 secondsApr 20 04:38:21 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15609]: mailbox: longlock
user^23012^130055727 for 6.5 secondsApr 20 04:38:21 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15591]: mailbox: longlock
user^11151^130056096 for 11.2 secondsApr 20 04:38:21 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15562]: mailbox: longlock
user^12100^130014830 for 9.5 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15559]: mailbox: longlock
user^14969^130053647 for 1.6 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15671]: mailbox: longlock
user^4851^130079741 for 1.6 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15608]: mailbox: longlock
user^14037^130027560 for 1.2 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15556]: mailbox: longlock
user^26533^130054188 for 1.7 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15674]: mailbox: longlock
user^8561^130029817 for 7.2 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15636]: mailbox: longlock
user^4269^130007938 for 16.6 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15648]: mailbox: longlock
user^5812^130029896 for 4.7 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15662]: mailbox: longlock
user^16380^130010357 for 10.4 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15588]: mailbox: longlock
user^21460^130094740 for 10.4 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15667]: mailbox: longlock
user^2793^130085801 for 4.7 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15670]: mailbox: longlock
user^3817^130096542 for 6.9 secondsApr 20 04:38:23 NEMS_BE0_Stabi imap[15544]: mailbox: longlock
user^8001^130012057 for 7.4 seconds 
Look forward for your help!

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compile cyrus with debug information, and run it under valgrind:

valgrind --num-callers=30 --leak-check=full --track-origins=yes 
--read-var-info=yes --show-leak-kinds=all --trace-children=yes 
--track-fds=yes /usr/local/cyrus/bin/master -D

Once the processes starts consuming a lot of memory, terminate them 
cleanly.  If you have luck, in the stderr of valgrind there will be 
"definitely lost" sections.  Share the output of valgrind.

If it is something trivial, I can find the problem.  But 2.4 is not 
developed any more, you shall lift your version.  On the other side theproblem might not be fixed in 2.5, if you have done something
very special.

On 04/17/2017 12:04 PM, Nicola Nye wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm sure someone knows the answer to Nikki's question about
> memory usage> on 2.4.
> Is 2.5 more reliable or should they go to 3.0?
> Cheers,
>    Nicola
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> Subject: Imapd unusual memory usage
> Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 16:44:03 +0800
> Dear nicolan,
> Now we met a critical issue. Looking forward to your help!
> We upgraded from Cyrus imap 2.3.7 to 2.4.17. But the memory of each
> single imapd keep increasing. 2.3.7 is total ok. This issue only came> after upgraded to 2.4.17. Do you happen to know some memory leak issue> related to imapd? Or do you know if it's due to the behavior change in> new version? If so, how to stop the memory rise?
> BTW, if we change to 3.0, do you know if it works on Redhat 7?
> Best Regards!
> Nikki

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