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Nicola Nye nicolan at fastmail.com
Mon Apr 17 06:04:16 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm sure someone knows the answer to Nikki's question about memory
usage on 2.4.

Is 2.5 more reliable or should they go to  3.0?



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Subject: Imapd unusual memory usage

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 16:44:03 +0800

Dear nicolan,  

Now we met a critical issue. Looking forward to your help!

We upgraded from Cyrus imap 2.3.7 to 2.4.17. But the memory of each
single imapd keep increasing. 2.3.7 is total ok. This issue only came
after upgraded to 2.4.17. Do you happen to know some memory leak issue
related to imapd? Or do you know if it's due to the behavior change in
new version? If so, how to stop the memory rise?
BTW, if we change to 3.0, do you know if it works on Redhat 7?


Best Regards!


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