Cyrus meeting April 10

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Mon Apr 10 07:25:53 EDT 2017

Here are the minutes:


* Sieve ihave extension is finished and live in master!

* Going to start looking at saving a copy of outgoing messages sent via
  sieve (such as vacation messages etc)


* message annotations work continues

* There's a problem with the base thread id annotation.. Needs to catch
  up with Bron
* This week: message record structure


* SNMP work is ongoing


* Working on packaging for quickstart guide to speed 3.0 adoption

* (and other items per docathon status update)


* Caldav/carddav configuration documentation continues

Bron (did not attend, but status follows)

* conversation splitting. any day now

Next meeting: Next Monday April 17th 11am UTC. or ask in IRC 

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