Cyrus Meeting April 3

ellie timoney ellie at
Mon Apr 3 07:24:37 EDT 2017


* working on more sieve stuff, another major rewrite. no longer leaking
memory, even in case of failures, cool!
* duplicate extension working
* 80% done with ihave extension (run time checking of extensions)
* jmap working group went well

* message records rewrite: using new message record structure to
abstract away different parts that make up a message at the moment
* currently working on getting message annotations into it
* investigating possibility of building cyrus with vanilla xapian (minus
our CJK word break support)

* met Nic B in office today, made docs plans
* goals: pick Bron's brain dry. Rearchitect the structurre a bit, and
tackle getting started guides for carddav/caldav/jmap/snmp
* everyone else should be writing docs too
* updates for the website front page

* figuring out how snmp works, attempting to craft some cassandane tests
for it
* next: add a new maxchildren metric
* then: refactor the snmp code out of the master binary

* master passing on, still need a bit more work for 3.0
* planning to write some docs while Nic B is in town

Next meeting: same time next week

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017, at 09:52 PM, Ken Murchison wrote:
> All,
> With the end of DST coming up this weekend in Australia, we are 
> switching back to our "standard" time of 11:00 UTC:
> 07:00 in New York
> 21:00 in Melbourne
> 13:00 in Vienna
> Bron will be traveling and he has tasked me with running the meeting.
> -- 
> Kenneth Murchison
> Principal Systems Software Engineer
> Carnegie Mellon University

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