The fate of man (pages)

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Thu May 5 23:37:59 EDT 2016

Hi folks,
The man pages in cyrus-imapd/man will be going away Real Soon Now(tm).
So please don't make any further updates to them (or if you do, make the
same change in the .rst file)
Instead, we'll be generating man pages out of the restructured text
files in cyrus-imapd/doc/source/imap/. In admin/usercommands/ there's
the .1 source, in admin/systemcommands/ there's the .8 source, in
admin/configs/ there's the .5 source and in developer/libraries there's
the .3 source.
This will let us have man pages up to date with their html versions for
cyrus packaging and for online reference.
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