Sophia database => fail

Howard Chu hyc at
Mon Jun 20 04:36:57 EDT 2016

Thomas Jarosch via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> On Sunday, 19. June 2016 07:55:55 Bron Gondwana via Cyrus-devel wrote:
>> I've also been looking at Rocks DB.  Unfortunately their C wrapper (it's
>> C++) doesn't seem to include the transaction support, so I'll have to
>> either extend it or write my own.
>> One major goal here, and the reason I'm looking at multi-level databases
>> in particular, is the ability to have most of the unchanging data
>> uploaded to an object store, and only need to push a small log file each
>> time something changes.
> plain old Berkeley DB 6.x might be an option, too.
> It has transaction support, page level locking and is a key-value store.
> Not sure about the licensing issues though:

Licensing is one of the reasons we have abandoned BerkeleyDB in OpenLDAP. 
That, and LMDB is orders of magnitude faster than BerkeleyDB.
> Also it's not a "multi-level" database.

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