Meeting minutes 8 Feb

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Mon Feb 15 06:34:24 EST 2016

Present: Nicola, ellie, Simon

- New sphinx based doc tree is now live on
- New theme works well on mobile browsers too.
- Old mediawiki site is still present for any existing bookmarks.
- Next task: look at integrating the docs repo into the source repo so
  that we can single-source things like man pages into man files for
  release packaging as well as html for the website.
- Also: fix up document hierarchy/taxonomy to make it easier for people
  to find things.

- Backup code went into master last week. And there was rejoicing
- Working on keeping release notes up to date for the next beta2
  release. *Ken/Bron*: is there anything outstanding we are waiting for
  before release can go out?
- Been thinking about implications of merging docs/source repos, Has
  uncovered some complicated questions with no clear answers yet.

- no Cyrus news, but has a new job starting next Monday.
- suggested that rebuilding the docs every hour whether there was a
  change or not was probably overkill. Post-commit hook anyone?

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at
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