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Hi Leena,

What's not working in 2.5.7 is the functionality to set from cyradm the
specialuse flag that would be visible via IMAP. Consider the following

First we retrieve the information for a folder from cyradm:

getmd user/test/folder at example.com

{user/test/folder at example.com}:
	specialuse: NIL

>From cyradm we set the specialuse flag:

setmd user/test/folder at example.com /private/specialuse "\\Archive"

And retrieve the information for the folder:

getmd user/test/folder at example.com

{user/test/folder at example.com}:
	specialuse: \Archive

The flag is set. Now we log in to the mbox via IMAP and query the same info:

* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" folder

So, the flag is NOT set. OK, let's set it via IMAP:

s1 SETMETADATA "folder" (/private/specialuse "\\Archive")

Check it:

* LIST (\HasNoChildren \Archive) "/" folder

The flag is set now.

Now let's clear the flag from cyradm:

setmd user/test/folder at example.com /private/specialuse ""

getmd user/test/folder at example.com

{user/test/folder at example.com}:
	specialuse: NIL

According to cyradm, the flag was removed. Let's check it via IMAP:

* LIST (\HasNoChildren \Archive) "/" folder

The flag is still set.

The T199 actually mentions exactly this behavior. Why do you think that this
is not a bug? How is it supposed the specialuse flag should be set from
cyradm? OR, what does the specialuse property from getmd mean if it's not
the same as SPECIAL-USE extension flag accessible via IMAP?


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On Mon, 18 Apr 2016, ellie timoney via Cyrus-devel wrote:

>> I'm personally interested in resolving the "specialuse flags not working
>> from cyradm" (T199, 198, 191, 121; looks like still pending) issue
> Are these still issues?  Or are they stale tasks that have been fixed
> but not closed?  We've had a number of cyradm metadata patches
> contributed by a few different people over the last year, so it seems
> probable that at least some are fixed but the assignees don't know.

These should be fixed, or at least they work in Cyrus Imapd 2.5:

This is fixed by changing configuration setting specialuse_extra. The 
default configuration does not allow Templates special use flag as it is 
not defined in RFC 6154:

This is more like feature request, not a bug in the code:

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