2.5.7 -> 2.5.7 initial replication fails - failed to parse?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 17:39:05 EDT 2016

--On 20 April 2016 at 13:15:24 -0400 Giles Malet <gdmalet at uwaterloo.ca> 

>> Can I safely remove all of '/sync./*' and start the replication again? -
> I had a bit of fun & games getting some 2.5.7 servers up (upgraded from
> 2.4), and ended up doing a few `reconstruct -rfGO' runs on them, and
> forcing replication before it settled down.

The 'master' has already had a 'reconstruct -V max' run on it (the original 
data is a snapshot from a 2.4 server). That seemed to upgrade everything OK 
(with the service down). The mail seems ok (I've had some code traverse the 
bulk of the mailboxes - and they all open, and have content in with no 
errors logged).

> I can't answer your other questions, but deleting those directories is
> fine. The only one(s) possible in use are those whose name matches the
> PID of a running sync_server process. Perhaps best then to shut cyrus
> down on the replica, delete everything as above, then restart. And maybe
> run a reconstruct or two, on server and replica.

Ok, I'll shut it down and remove the files. The sync_server process is dead 
anyway at this point. I'm not overly happy about the 1.5m files in there 
(seems excessive).

I'll try another sync once they're gone - failing that I'll run a few 
reconstructs against the master - and re-post if I still run into issues 
(And it was all going so well :)


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