2.5.7 -> 2.5.7 initial replication fails - failed to parse?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 11:56:07 EDT 2016


I have 2 * 2.5.7 servers. The first is setup to replicate to the other 
(which is currently empty). The 'master' has quite a bit of mail on it 

As it's quite a lot - I brought up the replica, but left 'rolling' 
replication off.

On the 'master' I then ran:

  /usr/local/cyrus/bin/sync_client -v -A

This started chugging away through all the mailboxes - but then failed:

Apr 20 16:24:59 syncserver[17103]: twoskip: checkpointed 
/vol/data/imap/mailboxes.db (304 records, 60352 => 56864 bytes) in 0.016 
Apr 20 16:25:03 syncserver[17103]: twoskip: checkpointed 
/vol/data/imap/user/m/mailbox.seen (70 records, 18384 => 16912 bytes) in 
0.000 seconds
Apr 20 16:25:04 syncserver[17103]: IOERROR: failed to parse 
Apr 20 16:25:04 syncserver[17103]: IOERROR: failed to append file 
user.mailbox.CantProcess 1
Apr 20 16:25:04 master[17097]: process type:SERVICE name:syncserver 
path:/usr/local/cyrus/bin/sync_server age:3096.847s pid:17103 signaled to 
death by signal 6 (Abort trap)
Apr 20 16:25:04 kernel: Failed to write core file for process sync_server 
(error 14)
Apr 20 16:25:04 kernel: pid 17103 (sync_server), uid 60: exited on signal 6

If I re-run the 'sync_client' command as above, it fails again at the same 
point (just after starting out).

The directory in question ('/vol/data/imap/spool/sync./17103') has 
1,517,996  files in it - but none are called 

Can I safely remove all of '/sync./*' and start the replication again? - 
Anything else I can do to either fix / troubleshoot this?

As far as I can see "user.mailbox.CantProcess 1" on the 'master' doesn't 
exist (i.e. there is no '1.' message file on the underlying file system). 
Nor, on the replica. The mailbox looks "mostly" replicated - the next 
message up (if it's doing them in numerical order) would be the file '27.' 
- and that file looks unremarkable.



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