Problems with subscriptions & Thunderbird on 2.5.7

Giles Malet gdmalet at
Fri Apr 8 10:38:38 EDT 2016

We recently upgraded to Cyrus IMAP v2.5.7 (compiled from 0ca3a92) from
2.4.17, and are seeing some strange issues with Thunderbird.

The theory from the person who is working on this is that 2.5.7 introduced LIST-EXTENDED, and instead of using the old LSUB to get the folder subscription list, it seems TB is depending on the \Subscribed flag on listing folders ... but it's not there; so suddenly one appears not to be subscribed to any folders. Trying to change subscriptions from TB is essentially a no-op (maybe it's trying and unable to set \Subscribed on a folder?). By telling TB to ignore subscriptions completely, everything works. We've not had complaints about other clients.

Does this make sense to anyone? Is it possibly a bug? I can get more information if needed.

BTW, it seems moving mailboxes (in a murder) with cyradm is causing index corruption, and reconstruct often crashes when trying to fix that. I'll get onto that later. Our search indices were also knackered after the upgrade, and required a run of squatter to fix. On 10TB of data that took a few days....

Otherwise, we seem to be up and working.


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