problem in configure with event-notification disabled

Anatoli me at
Fri Apr 8 00:48:18 EDT 2016

Hi all,


Firstly, thanks, developers, for your hard work in creating Cyrus! We've
deployed it recently and it worked as expected from the first try (after
reading a lot of documentation first :).


We've experimented with different configure options and found that when
--disable-event-notification option is enabled, the configure script fails
for other options with something like:


configure: error: Need libxml-2.0 for http


After some analysis we found that the dependencies detection initialization
logic is placed inside the condition of event-notification option, so when
it's disabled, the initialization is not performed and the detection of
libraries/dependencies fails.


With this email I attach a simple patch that places the event-notification
condition after the libraries detection initialization logic.



I would like to seize the opportunity and ask you for a clarification.. Does
the event notification component make any sense under normal use conditions
(IMAP with email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook)? If I understand it
correctly, it's only needed for some special types of notifications like for
xmpp clients, debugging and similar, not for something implemented in normal
IMAP clients, so it makes sense to disable it for production use. Am I




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