[patchset] cyrus-imapd 2.5.x: setrlimit, unix domains ockets

Philippe a4obmfyynykaadikaqjugtica5ewkdyamu at protected32.unixadm.org
Thu May 28 05:29:27 EDT 2015


I'd like to share two quick'n dirty patches for cyrus-imapd.

The first one removes the attempt of setting the open file limit to
"unlimited", because -- afaik and speaking of linux -- this is simply
not supported.

The second patch skips setting ip or tcp flags on unix domain sockets.
It bugged me that my logs showed "unable to setsocketopt(IP_TOS)
service" and "unable to setsocketopt(TCP_KEEPIDLE)" for operations on
uds. Checking for SOCK_STREAM is probably not sufficient.

Discussons welcome.

Kind regards,

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