Generating docs with Sphinx

ellie timoney ellie at
Thu May 21 20:10:53 EDT 2015

Hi  Nicola,

The spinxoutput.txt file mentions:

> The full traceback has been saved in C:\Users\nnye\AppData\Local\Temp\sphinx-err-1niewvvh.log, if you want to report the issue to the developers.

Is that the same file as sphinxoutput.txt, or something different?  It
might be instructive to look at/attach that log... maybe.

For what it's worth, I get a lot of warnings and errors along the way
but it finishes successfully (Debian).  Don't recall what I needed to
install to get it working, but now I just run "make html" in the
cyrus-docs directory and it does its thing.



On Thu, May 21, 2015, at 02:56 PM, Nicola Nye wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to generate the docs using Sphinx so I can properly verify my
> output.
> Generation is falling over itself with errors. Warnings about missing
> files and dodgy directives before it finally dies with an exception.
> Does it work for anyone else? (Nic, Jeroen: I'm looking at you two!)
> Anyone have any clues to get me functional?
> Warning: I am on Windows so I'm prepared to acknowledge my environment
> could be a factor.
> Attached is the sphinx-build output.
>    Nicola
> Email had 1 attachment:
> + sphinxoutput.txt
>   53k (text/plain)

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