Generating docs with Sphinx

Nic Bernstein nic at
Thu May 21 10:28:07 EDT 2015

My runs complete, but do produce a bunch of warnings, as yours does.  I 
have fixed up the "Title overline too short" errors, locally, but 
haven't committed that work yet.

An output from my most recent run may be found here:

Most of the warnings are simply due to incomplete documents.


On 05/20/2015 11:56 PM, Nicola Nye wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to generate the docs using Sphinx so I can properly verify my
> output.
> Generation is falling over itself with errors. Warnings about missing
> files and dodgy directives before it finally dies with an exception.
> Does it work for anyone else? (Nic, Jeroen: I'm looking at you two!)
> Anyone have any clues to get me functional?
> Warning: I am on Windows so I'm prepared to acknowledge my environment
> could be a factor.
> Attached is the sphinx-build output.
>     Nicola

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