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On 05/14/2015 08:42 PM, Chris Davies wrote:
> Does anyone know how I join #documentation_reviewers on phabricator?  
> I tried to give myself permission but got:
>     You do not have permission to edit this object.
>     Users with the "Can Edit" capability:
>       * Administrators can take this action.
> I assume it sends people in the #documentation_reviewers group an 
> email whenever the documentation changes? If so I would like to join 
> this group. If you have admin permission, could you please add 
> 'davies' to the group?

I think the best way to achieve the goal of being notified of all 
changes to documentation is to become a watcher on the Documentation 
project in Phabricator.  To do so, go to the project's page, 
https://git.cyrus.foundation/project/profile/8/, and click Watch Project 
on the right side of the screen:

    Watching a project will let you monitor it closely. You will receive
    email and notifications about changes to every object associated
    with projects you watch.

I think that will give you what you want.


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