Cyrus-devel Digest, Vol 115, Issue 7

Chris Davies chris at
Tue May 12 21:36:22 EDT 2015

> > Website - the situation with and is
> > awfully confusing. Somebody needs to take ownership for uncrapping this.
> > Nobody put their hand up yet, so we'll see if it happens by Thursday or
> > I might start appointing people;)

I agree it's confusing and a lot more effort to maintain two websites
when one would suffice. As we're going to rename the Cyrus foundation I
assume the website will be disappearing? 
It may not be a single persons job to migrate everything from the old
websites to the new one. I will migrate to
ci.<new website> and others can migrate content from their respective

> I've already spoken up about trying to do something about this, but to 
> no avail.  I'll volunteer to at the very least uncrap things a bit.  
> However, the current site has some problems with the authentication 
> system.  I have credentials on the site, but had lost/forgotten the 
> password.  I used the password reset facility, but now when I log in I 
> am asked to change my password, and that process always results in this 
> message:
>     There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has
>     been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to
>     the previous page, reload that page and then try again.
> So I'm stuck.  If someone can fix this, fine; please do so.  If not, I 
> can register again, but then need someone with authority to authorize my 
> new account, and I'll probably be asked to update my password, and... 
> (wash, rinse, repeat).

Have you tried a different web browser? 

> > Speaking of naming - cyrusfoundation ==
> > == not us.  We need a new name.  Cyrus IMAP Foundation -> two imappy.
> > Cyrus Mail Foundation -> not enough cal/carddav.  "Cyrus Connect" -
> > doesn't someone already own "* Connect"?
> FWIW, both and are available, as are 
> the unhyphenated versions, cyrusconnect.{com|org}.
> >    But maybe.  reCyrus /
> recyrus.{io|com|org} are all available
> > librecyrus
> lirecyrus.{io|com|org} are all available
> Okay, putting aside simple whois searches and getting back to work now.
>      -nic
> PS - Great to meet folks at OpenSuSE and Kolab conferences last week. :-)
> >   / "recycle".  Hmm...  Great names greatly appreciated.  Make
> > your mark here, but don't make it a trademark that somebody else has
> > already... yeah, that.*sigh*.  All the good ones are taken or insane
> > (or both).

How about|.net|.org|.io?

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