Minutes 19/3 and 23/3

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 23 08:18:53 EDT 2015

I didn't write the last ones up, sorry.

18-19/3 (Wesneday/Thursday)

Ken has finished cherry-picking commits from the caldav-2.4 branch over to master.  It builds, but not tested in any meaningful way.

The big item: FastMail commits.  There's nearly a thousand of them.  We agreed to just apply THE WHOLE LOT to master (once I rebase them on top of Ken's work) and then clean up afterwards.  It's going to break master for a bit, and have features that not everyone needs.

We'll release 2.5.1 soon, based on Ellie's work backporting bugfixes.

Optional flags and dependencies.  I believe very strongly that the same configure flags should build the same binaries - which means that there is no "optional" dependencies, or feature reduction with old verisons of dependencies.  Instead, configure should spit out instructions to get a sufficient version.  We can always ship renamed packages of dependencies with cyrus- namespaced paths if we need to along with our packages, and docker images with everything installed.  We won't put effort into supporting semi-broken configurations.

DKIM for ischedule is an issue - likewise Xapian for FM search - because they both have out-of-tree patch requirements.

Anthony is 2/3 of the way through configure changes

Jeroen, just cassandane tests failing

Sticking with the same times in Melbourne for now (also same times UTC)


22-23/3 (Monday)

Present: Ken, Jeroen, Ellie, Bron, Anthony.  Apologies from Simon.

Ken: issues with reconstruct not finding messages properly, trying to add, failing with an _255 failure.  Bron will investigate, probably broken by mailbox commit changes.

Cassandane: had a getmetadata issue introduced by Jeroen.  Also fixed by Jeroen during the call.

Tests: Ken uses CalDavIOP from CaldavTester for testing.  Bron will port some Caldav tests from the Fastmail branch of Cassandane soon.

Anthony - config stuff going well.  Cleaning up configure and making sure nothing got dropped.  Asked about cunit.

Ellie is doing well with sync work, will hopefully get it running tomorrow.

Pierre is coming over for OpenSUSE - probably Anthony as well, at the start of May.  We need an alpha to show off.

Big ticket items:
* Object store
* External search
* Conversations
* Clustering
* Archive partition
* Nginx auth daemon
* Uniqueid based paths
* Backup util (replication format based)
* XFER by sync

We need to decide which are most important / exciting - Bron will think about this, because needed for the talk!  There's a 1 hour timeslot, which will hopefully be 35-40 minutes talking and the rest questions.

Ken can't make this Wednesday, but we're going to go ahead at the regular time without him: 2015-03-25T22:00:00Z

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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