imapd 2.4: Tool to list deleted messages and folders

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for sharing it !

Em sex, 20 de mar de 2015 às 10:16, Thomas Jarosch <
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> Hi,
> we are doing backups of our imap mailboxes using
> simple unix tools like find + afio. Sometimes, when a mailbox
> is still locked, deleted files were not expunged immediately
> and therefore ended up in the backup.
> During testing we found an additional problem with re-creating
> a deleted folder and fixed this one in the same run, too.
> Attached you'll find a few tools for cyrus imapd 2.4(.17):
> 1. cyr_getdeleted: Lists deleted IMAP messages for a given mboxspec.
>     (+ additional patch to add it to the build system)
> 2. A patch for cyrus to create a ".deleted" file when a folder
>   is marked for deletion. If the folder is re-created before it
>   was removed from disk and we find the .deleted file,
>   we clear out all *stale* messages.
> 3. A wrapper around find(1) to automatically
>   exclude deleted messages and folders. Useful for backup shell scripts.
>   Makes use of the ".deleted" file, too.
> I'm putting this out here in case these additions might come in handy
> for other people running cyrus imapd 2.4. Most of those tools and patches
> were developed by my colleague Samir Aguiar.
> As written in the "Mailbox deletion race: folders and files are never
> deleted"
> email[1] , we'll especially revisit issue 2. when testing cyrus 2.5.x
> Have a nice day,
> Thomas
> [1]
> February/003133.html
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